2015 alumni survey

Executive summary


The on-line survey was conducted during the month of November 2015 The primary tool for soliciting Alumni participation was Facebook. The NS Alumni FB group had 236 members, and the number of respondents (155) represented a response rate of approx. 63%. The total number of NS graduates is approximately 490.

Survey highlights

Place of residence

The vast majority of grads (approx, 82%) have returned to live and work in Nunavut. While a considerable number (16%) are currently living in the South, a significant proportion of these respondents are there to pursue further post-secondary programs and, with some exceptions, are expected to return to Nunavut to live and to work.


The vast majority of grads are either employed full-time (54%) or enrolled in further education and/or training (28%) at the time of the survey.

Only 3.8% of NS grads said they were unemployed and looking for work.


The majority of NS graduates (74.2%) have gone on to further post-secondary education and/or training, with slightly more than half doing so in the South. The completion rates for their 1st year of both college and university is around 16%, which is equal to, or better than, the normal rates of attrition among 1st Year students in post-secondary institutions generally.

Where students come from

Graph: where students are from

Where students live now*

Graph: where students live now


*Any decline should not be seen as permanent since many respondents were living in the south to attend further post-secondary programs at time of the survey.

Current Activity

graph: current activity


Current employer

Graph: current employer

Attended post-secondary after NS

Graph: post-secondary after NS

Location of further post-secondary

Graph: location of post-secondary institution

College completion after NS

Graph: College completed after NS

University completion after NS

Graph: university completed after NS

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