Year 1 application: Complete your personal writing exercise

The NS program is a first-year college program. Most students find the workload is high and very challenging academically. We are interested in knowing as much about you and your abilities as we can so that we can select people who will be the best match for this type of program. To help us do this, we would like you to submit one piece of writing. Please do this writing on your own, without assistance, and without being edited by anyone else afterwards. YOU MUST HAVE A SUPERVISOR CONFIRM THAT THIS WAS WRITTEN ON YOUR OWN The role of the supervisor is to confirm that the essay was written without assistance or editing and is an accurate reflection of his/her own work. The supervisor can be a teacher, tutor, counsellor, principal, or anyone else in a position of responsibility.

Writing instructions

  1. Your essay must be written in a supervised setting.
  2. Include a title, your name on each page as well as page numbers where needed.
  3. Essays are submitted online as part of the application.
    Accepted formats are .txt, .rtf, .doc, .docx, .pdf.
    Contact if you have questions about formats.
  4. Your writing should address all three of the following topics:
    1. Tell us about yourself; we want to get to know you. Talk about things like:
      where you were born and raised; your life as a child; school experiences (likes and dislikes); your personal situation right now; what you see as your strengths and weaknesses; who your role models are and what you appreciate in them. Please include anything else about yourself that you believe allows us to know you better.
    2. How would you see yourself contributing to your community in the future? How would attending NS help you do that?
    3. Think about the major challenges facing Nunavut today (high unemployment, climate change, drop- out rates, shortage of housing, high food prices, caribou declining, declining Inuktitut usage with youth, etc. and there are many more. Feel free to come up with your own). Choose one challenge and do the following:
      • explain the issue that you have chosen.
      • relate how this issue has affected you personally, your family, and your community.
      • explain what you think can be done to address this issue.
  5. Please confirm that you wrote your essay in a supervised setting by providing a teacher's name or another official’s name. 
    You will need to provide this person's name along with email and phone contact information when you submit your application